Want to get the fishiest colors all in a convenient double-sided Plano box? This is the box for you! Each Guide Pack comes packed with a 100 balls in a variety of sizes and colors, allowing you to be ready for water conditions.


Guide Pack LARGE - #20 x 20mm, #40 x 16mm, #40 x 12mm = 100 BALLs

Guide Pack MEDIUM - #40 x 16mm, #20 x 14mm, #40 x 12mm = 100 BALLs

Guide Pack SMALL - #20 x 14mm, #40 x 12mm, #20 x 10mm, #20 x 8mm = 100 BALLs


Natural Beads (formerly known as Bait Ballz) is a fishing product created by the need to provide anglers with a method of fishing that is very effective but also in compliance with fishing regulations that will continue to ensure our fisheries success. Used in any water conditions will provide anglers with a distinct advantage over all similar products in this category.

Foresight into bait restrictions called for a product which would replace eggs, the most natural source of food or territorial aggression/protection bites. The company was founded by Lael Paul Johnson “LPJ” a Pacific Northwest Guide who saw a need to develop a better bead than what was available on the market. That quest led to the development of Natural Beads in 2013 and the start of #NOBAITNOPROB. Over four years of product development and testing have gone into the product seen today. Ongoing research is allowing anglers to push the limits of their fishing pursuits with less worry of fish ingesting broken parts.

Durability and the “BOUNCE” are the main features allowing continual use of this product for years. Unlike hard beads, which break off when wedged in-between river rock bottoms, Natural Beads pull through. The “BOUNCE” will allow you to fish closer to where most fish reside. If incidentally thrown onto shore while attempting to make the perfect cast, Natural Beads bounce back into the water. The texture of the product is firm and resists tearing when struck. This semi-soft bead, paired with a loop knot, make fish hold on long enough for proper hook placement.

Today, Natural Beads keeps a close eye on fisheries conservation which consequently has inspired product design and development.

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